Network Operations Center

CRN Wireless uses the latest technology to ensure that your wireless data and alarm signals are transmitted, received and relayed to the appropriate destination. Whether the signals are transmitted over the nationwide cellular networks or our proprietary NearNet UHF network, all signals are processed through our Network Operations Center (NOC).

When every second counts, CRN Wireless provides unmatched service and reliability through our proprietary designed, built and managed NOC, which operates 24 hours a day. To ensure continuous operation and reliability, the NOC features redundant sources of power, temperature control and communication. Furthermore, we maintain a fully-mirrored second NOC at a separate geographic location. The second NOC has all of the same redundant features as the primary NOC.

Our Network Operations Center was fully operational throughout:

9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Northeast Blackout, 2003
Hurricane Irene, 2011
Hurricane Sandy, 2012