• Strategic partnership between CRN Wireless and
    Statewide Central Station, using AES technology


  • CRN Wireless’s NearNet Tower Radio Network
    + AES IntelliNet Mesh Radio Technology
    + Statewide Central Station Monitoring
    = Unique Hybrid Network for NYC Fire and Burglar Alarm Communications

Coverage Map

Illustrative coverage map with location of CRN Wireless Master Sites

How it works

Subscriber units relay alarm signals to Statewide Central via CRN Wireless Master Sites


  • Simplicity
    • One device and one network provides the Dual-path communication
      required by NYC Fire Department
  • Sunset Free
    • Alarms signals transmitted by radio instead of POTS, Cellular or IP
    • Private radio network not subject to sunsets
    • Network not impacted by ongoing POTS and Cellular sunsets
  • Savings for End users
    • End user save money by eliminating need for POTS and IP lines
  • Increased Profit for Dealers
    • Faster installations than alternative technologies
    • Avoid truck rolls associated with POTS and Cellular sunsets
  • Reliability of Radio
    • CRN Wireless’s NearNet Tower Radio Network
      • Fully operational during Northeast Blackout, 9/11 & Superstorm Sandy
      • Over 99.99% reliable for 30+ years
  • Locally Owned and Operated

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