For customers who want their own proprietary UHF network, we design and build networks that address the specific monitoring requirements of their business.
Having your own wireless network gives you the ultimate control and privacy over your wireless signals. And since you will not have to pay monthly airtime charges to third party wireless providers, a proprietary wireless network can end up saving you significant money over time.
Our turnkey wireless networks use proven UHF technology and have been installed for customers around the world.
After an initial consultation to understand the unique monitoring needs of your business, we provide you with a proposal that outlines the size and scope of the UHF tower network that is appropriate for your business. We design and manufacture all of the hardware and software for the network. You deal with only one supplier and receive a fully integrated turnkey solution.
In addition to the software and hardware, we can assist you with:
Site surveys
Licensing assistance
Tower selection
Lease negotiation
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