NearNet Network

Our wireless cellular products utilize the nationwide cellular frequencies of the major telecom companies to transmit information. Separately, we also offer wireless UHF products, which utilize the NearNet network. The NearNet network is one of the largest proprietary UHF tower networks in the country dedicated to the transmission and processing of wireless data and alarm signals. The NearNet tower network services the New York City Metro area and its population of 19 million people.
The NearNet network has been in continuous operation since it was launched in 1985. We maintain transmission and receiving equipment in a series of tower sites located across the New York City Metro area. The NearNet network uses FCC licensed frequencies in the UHF spectrum to transmit wireless signals. These FCC frequencies are not subject to frequency sunset, allowing the NearNet network and the devices that use the network to provide stable, uninterrupted service. Some NearNet devices have been in continuous operation in the field for over 23 years!
While cellular technology has its advantages over UHF technology, in many cases, UHF technology can provide better transmission quality. Furthermore, each of our tower sites is backed up with generator power ensuring better reliability than cellular in the event of a natural disaster.
The robust NearNet network was fully operational throughout:
9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Northeast Blackout, 2003
Hurricane Irene, 2011
Hurricane Sandy, 2012